Migrating to the open Web

Quick recap: We will sunset our mobile app no later than June 30th and all future content will be released on our web app, https://forteller.gg.

There are numerous factors that led to the decision to sunset our native mobile app for the time being.

The most pressing factors come down to keeping the best value for the cost to customers:

  • Both app stores are highly restrictive and employ bullying tactics towards developers in order to maintain high fees and monopolies (learn more: Time to Play Fair)
  • Our margins are as lean as possible which makes it difficult to staff the skillsets required to maintain multiple target platforms and continue to "fight" app store policies with the features we want to develop and innovate for all gamers
  • Our new web framework for authoring story content is built for the most complex open-world sandbox boardgames
    • If you've experienced Sleeping Gods on the mobile app - you will understand this point firsthand.  The web framework was designed from all these lessons-learned and provides a far more powerful and engaging way to bring the game story content into the digital and narrated space
    • This opens up new things we want to do - like putting some of our tools in the hands of users/modders and creatives looking for self-publishing streams

 What's available now on forteller.gg?

Coming soon:

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