Forgotten Circles

Forgotten Circles

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Expand your Gloomhaven adventure and immerse yourself in the first expansion, Forgotten Circles, unforgiving city with four hours of professional audio narration, thematic music, and foley delivered by a global cast of actors.

Includes the additional 20 immersive expansion scenarios with curated music and foley. Additionally, the road, city, and rift event cards are narrated to provide a seamless gameplay experience. Over 29 professional voice actors bring the tales of Gloomhaven to life.

Shattered timelines, Aesthers, and the sounds of reality itself ripping apart. Find out the secrets of Gloomhaven and hear what a rift in reality truly sounds like. Forteller has brought the universes together to tell the twisted tale. 

Elevate your gameplay experience with the easy-to-use Forteller app and listen to the story unfold.

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