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Chronicles of Drunagor

Chronicles of Drunagor

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Ignispyra. A land without hope. Endless conflict, dragons and the ever pressing threat of the Lich King's grasp freezing the very blood in your veins. Can you overcome him? Using the Forteller Phyl-APP-tery listen to the tension, witness the mayhem immerse yourself in the darkness.

Will you become the heroes or something...much...mush worse?

Amplify your Chronicles of Drunagor: Age of Darkness adventure and immerse yourself in an epic dungeon crawling experience through a land mired with conflict with over five hours of professional audio narration, thematic music, and foley delivered by a global cast of actors.

Includes 18 immersive chapters with curated music and foley with over 15 professional voice actors bringing the lands of Daren to life.

Elevate your gameplay experience with the easy-to-use Forteller app, join the fight against Darkness, explore Drunagor, and save the world!


*This narration is for the updated CoD Age of Darkness story
*Future mobile updates are planned to enhance the Door Interaction user experience

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