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The Isofarian Guard

The Isofarian Guard

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The Isofarian Guard returns with new and updated content. Explore this 1-2 player narrative driven boardgame featuring a fully voice acted storyline and musical score powered by Forteller!

Launching on Gamefound September 5th with an exciting announcement on September 6th!

The Isofarian Guard is a solo/co-op narrative driven adventure board game for 1-2 players.

Join Forteller as we bring this world to life with over 75 professional voice actors and beautiful composed music designed specifically for each campaign.

Welcome to Isofar, a wild land severe in its beauty. The Isofarian people take great pride in their ability to flourish among the hostile wildlife and cruel elements of their mountainous home. As a member of the Isofarian guard, life is never dull. You try to keep the peace among your fellow Isofarians (a never-ending job), as well as deal with constant threats from the aggressive Falmund Empire to the south.

But now, the old patterns are shifting. New forces are at work that will challenge the very underpinnings of reality. You will guide eight different Isofarian Guards throughout 5 interweaving campaigns as they deal with a power that threatens not only Isofar, but the entire world.

In The Isofarian Guard, you will travel throughout the cities and wildernesses of Isofar on a beautifully illustrated world map, fight off enemies using a unique and highly customizable battle system, and use your wits to talk your way out of sticky situations. As you forge important alliances, opportunities will arise for you to craft stronger gear, gain new powers, and step into the destiny you were called to.

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