Web Early Access

We are moving all narrations to our new web app in order to build new features faster.

This will replace our mobile app and run on any modern browser on a wide range of devices!

Launch Stage now

* If you do not see your game in the web app, we are still migrating it; All games will be migrated

Beautiful Music

  • Isofarian Guard Reprint

    Isofarian Guard is sold out everywhere and this reprint is exclusive to Gamefound.

    • Caravan and Side Quests: Additional 5 hours of new audio narration
    Late Pledge Now 
  • Gloomhaven Grand Festival

    Prepare for Gloomhaven: Second Edition by adding Forteller narration to your pledge.

    • Completely new story and audio from first edition
    • Learn about the Gloomhaven RPG
    Late Pledge Now 
  • Phantom Epoch

    Embark on an intergalactic dungeon-crawling and explore over 40 missions!

    • Experience a new dimension
    • Explore this fantastic Space Opera
    Late Pledge Now 

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