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Sleeping Gods and Tides of Ruin

Sleeping Gods and Tides of Ruin

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Introducing the ultimate audio narration experience for Ryan Laukat and Red Raven Game's Sleeping Gods and its expansion Tides of Ruin: Professional Audio Narration by Forteller!

With a team of 27 talented voice actors, and over 14 hours of expertly produced audio narration, immerse yourself in the world of Sleeping Gods like never before. Experience the captivating story, rich lore, and dynamic characters like never before with the added depth and emotion that comes from a professional audio narration.

Let Forteller transport you to the vast and mysterious world of Alzarria, where you'll navigate treacherous seas, explore mysterious islands, and engage in epic battles. With the included Tides of Ruin expansion, you'll venture even deeper into this captivating world and uncover new secrets and challenges.

Whether you're a fan of the game or just looking for an immersive audio experience, professional audio narration by Forteller is the perfect addition to your gaming collection.

Elevate your gameplay with the easy to use Forteller mobile application and listen as the story unveils for an unforgettable adventure.

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