We are always looking for game designers and publishers looking to enhance their stories and worlds along with an army of voice actors ready to breath that life into these projects.

Narrative Companion showcase

Game Publishers

Have a fantastic story-driven adventure you would like Forteller to bring to life? Narrative Companions are a tremendous value-add for players. We have solutions for board games, TTRPGs & adventure modules, and even choose your own adventure books for authors!

Music, sound, and professional actors breath life into every creative world

Bring new content to players without print requirements

Make decisions and consequences seamless to the table Improve accessibility


Our industry experience working with dozens of publishers and crowdfunding campaigns can provide valuable go-to-market insights, strategies, and execution.

Contact us at dream@fortellergames.com

Voice Actors

Contact us at casting@fortellergames.com to be included on our casting calls

Want to join our team?

While we are not actively hiring, we are always looking for excited and motivated future team members!  Send your resume and why you'd like to join to dream@fortellergames.com