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HEXplore It Soundtrack - Vol 1

HEXplore It Soundtrack - Vol 1

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Music for any game, role-playing game, or simply to enjoy!

Adventure through the sonic horror of the Valley of Darkness in this companion soundtrack for Hexplore It Volume 1 - The Valley of the Dead King!

Twenty-one tracks curated and composed specifically for gameplay. Whether you're in combat with the fiends of the valley or venturing out to stop the rise of the Dead King, this album provides music to accompany all parts of your adventure.

The exploration tracks are designed for different stages of the game (early, middle, and end), and the specially designed boss battle music comes with two versions - a standard one, and one designed to loop for that long, drawn out battle to save the fate of the valley!

Digital MP3 (320 bitrate) Download Contents:

Title Duration Theme
The Greedy Hand 3:15 Combat
Caustic Cloud 4:03 Combat
Trog Allies 3:16 Combat
Goblin Horde
3:16 Combat
Wail of the Siren 4:00 Combat
Basilisk's Fury 3:46 Combat
Frost Lord's Bloodlust 3:12 Combat
Restwind Dale 3:51 Exploration (Early Game)
City of Silver 3:48 Exploration (Early Game)
The Tranquil Hills 4:00 Exploration (Early Game)
Runecrest's Peace 3:23 Exploration (Early Game)
Enter the Deadlands 4:07 Exploration (Mid Game)
Faeriefire Marsh 3:40 Exploration (Mid Game)
Siren's Bay 3:27 Exploration (Mid Game)
Journey to Greenfire Ridge 3:42 Exploration (Mid Game)
The Northland Steppes 3:59 Exploration (Late Game)
Freya's Fen 3:39 Exploration (Late Game)
The Wailing Cavern 3:11 Exploration (Late Game)
The Last City Falls 3:53 Exploration (Late Game)
Essence of Death 4:01 Boss Battle
Essence of Death (Looped) 3:50 Boss Battle (Loop)
Total duration 1:17:19


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