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Deck of Many Dice

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The Deck of Many Dice is an extension of the tabletop roleplaying game universe and can be used with many different role-playing systems, board games, or even a few hands of Poker.

What’s included?

  • 60 cards in total
  • 52 Standard Playing Cards with Suits
  • Number 0 cards (4)
  • Page of Suits cards (4)
  • Tarot Archetype influences (56 cards)
  • Dice statistically spread throughout all 60 cards
  • Instructions, How-To integrate guides, Homebrew resources

We hope this inspires a new way to affect the table and a new way to carry your dice with you wherever you may be adventuring.

How To Use These Cards

This deck contains the results of a select pool of dice:

  • d20 (3x)
  • d12 (5x)
  • d10 (6x)
  • d8* (7x)
  • d6 (10x)
  • d4 (15x)
  • d2** (30x)

This deck contains innate storytelling elements:

  • Pentacles (14x) - Wisdom/Priestly based improv
  • Wands (14x) - Intellect/Arcane based improv
  • Swords (14x) - Physical/Martial based improv
  • Cups (14x) - Dexterous/Rogue based improv

Storytelling is open to game interpretation; this is up to the players to agree upon to make their experience better. The goal is fun!

* 4 of the D8 results instruct you to reroll. This is to keep the odds of each number even within a deck of 60 cards.  A reroll can also be interpreted by a Gamemaster uniquely to create new gameplay.
** result of a d2 roll is indicated by the traditional playing card suit; red (hearts/diamonds) = 1, black (clubs/spades) = 2; color of suits may vary by art design
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  • Pentacles

    Clerics, wisdom, ordos, and fate itself can tell new tales

  • Wands

    Arcane knows no bounds, so why should your results?

  • Swords

    Martial prowess, combat, athletics

  • Cups

    Dexterous checks, Rogues, Thieves, and Bards

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Athletics Check

Create new narratives and modify your results with GM discretion.

Drawing Swords for your check could let the martial prowess shine through your actions... but not always in a good way!

Unlock new tales with 14 of each symbol in each deck.

New ways to Play

Explore new possibilities with drawing results from larger pools of dice.

Control the probability with milling, discards, forced reshuffles, gameplay directed deck cutting, and so much more...

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